Friday, December 12, 2008

Dec 121: Maverick Awesome's Bday.

The usual dose of once-a-month PDP awesome with a twist. A Maverick Awesome twist.

Those with a pair of eyes and a keen understanding of radio voices know that M. Awesome is the other product of the Awesome-Davis union that took place back in the 60s/70s/80s or thereabouts: he is the biological brother of PDP's Storm Davis.

Blessed with names fit only for the spotlight, this dynamic brother duo was forced to shoehorn their collective ego into the entertainment industry and spout ironic sarcasm at high volume over the next few decades till someone agreed to love them. Many, many people who post their thoughts on the Internet continue to be upset by this to this very day. Even more people who aren't sure what the Internet is are doubly upset.

But don't worry: they won't be at Local 121 on Saturday night. You will. And you are who matters.

So come listen to the ol'skoooool sounds of Dox of PDP & DJ SaveOne, and buy Senor Awesome a birfday beverage. It's really that simple.

Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI
21+ / 11p-2a / FREE

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


PDP's Sterbyrock spins hip hop and other types of hip hop, and perhaps even some hip hop, as he extends Warped Wax Wednesdays into the deep black December night at everyone's favorite stained-glass haven, Local 121.

Storm Davis may attend, may sip Diet Coke, may let slip your New Year's Eve plans.

Do it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rose Eventually Dropped the Track, Citing "Dehydration."

GN'R axe Storm Davis from Chinese Democracy
Poorly Drawn People star left on the cutting room floor
Tom Porter, Tue 4 Nov, 12:33 pm UTC

Storm Davis recorded featured vocal parts for Guns N' Roses' track "Catcher N' The Rye" way back in 1999. The song has been confirmed to appear on the ridiculously long-awaited album Chinese Democracy, but a leaked sleeve note suggests that the PDP rapper's contribution has been removed.

Possibly the world's biggest Storm Davis fan, Thomas Eisele, wrote on to break the unfortunate news:

"Hi Storm,
First I want you to know that I'm a huge fan of your work. I grew up with all of your music and still love listening to it. Now, ChiDem is about to hit the market and the booklet is leaked. Do you know that you're not on "CITR" anymore? What do you think about it? Makes me a little sad as I was looking forward to hear your part more clearly. I'm one of the webmasters of the German PDP-Board and just wanted to know your opinion. I'll keep it for me and I won't tell anyone. But I don't know if you read this email... ;)
I wish you all the best with your band (that I love so much),

Here's Storm's response:

"Ah ... well, I did not know this. Thanks, Thomas.
Well, it is a shame, perhaps ... I did put quite a lot of work in, and was proud of it. But I could understand if Axl wants to have an album which reflects the work of the members of the band as it is, right now.
I do have mixes of the tracks with my vocals on, work tapes at the time, but they will remain private, out of respect for Axl.
Thanks for your kind wishes, Thomas.

What about Shaq?

A grand total of 18 musicians contributed to Chinese Democracy during the 14 years of hard graft it took Axl Rose to finish it. Whether the likes of Jane's Addiction's Dave Navarro or basketball/rap legend Shaquille O'Neal have also felt the blade of Axl's axe remains to be seen.

The article can be found in its original context at

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Maine Event.

Storm Davis
& Dox wave the Poorly Drawn People flag for the first time in Maine, and ably standing in for the otherwise-occupied Reason will be Labeless Illtelligence's Esh The Monolith. PDP in a whole new incarnation in a whole new location. Brave the cold and check it out.

PDP affiliate Prolyphic (Strange Famous Records) will be making the trek as well, and we send the largest props available to old pal Brzowski for inviting us up in the first place.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh The Douchebaggery.

The blogosphere / the blogosphere / the blogosphere is on FIYAH.

Okay, that didn't work.

Soon-to-be-reknowned Providence blogger Penny Earned had some good words to say about Storm Davis & PDP recently in her snarky & acidic reading romp, Oh The Douchebaggery:

Washington St. is the new Crenshaw Blvd.
and it's in full swing.

Peep the Pharcyde reference? That's 'cause I have been kickin' it nineties style lately. Oh my, am I excited. I caught these d.j.'s spinning at my new favorite local haunt, the aforementioned Local 121 and I was in high school again. Mad props to the Poorly Drawn People crew...and I don't just throw out props indiscriminately. Props is precious, son.

So, these guys were playing some of my favorites and because god is awesome they were also handing out free c.d.'s---my copy quickly found it's way into the black hole underneath my car seat, only to be found one glorious day as I was looking for my bic. And, EUREKA! Three weeks later it's still in heavy rotation.

Finally, a Rhode Island act that doesn't suck...and hasn't yet relocated to Brooklyn.

Seriously. Check them out at SoundSessions.

I'll be the one attempting to pop-lock like only a white girl can.

link here to get the best variety of download...the free kind

Peep the original article and take a look around here.

And I can pretty much guarantee that there is no fucking way in fucking hell that we will be moving to fucking Brooklyn anytime soon. And I put that on God.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Choice Is Yours.

Since we were unable to put together a proper Obama fundraiser in time, we figured the next best thing was to pass around a cup asking drunk hipsters for dollar bills (apologies to any coke dealers we put out of work) and let them take pictures with a lifesize cardboard cut-out of Barry himself.

PDP cares.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Like the Hicks in Alabama.

Dox of PDP & DJ SaveOne continue their series of old school hip hop evenings. Voted "Local 121's Best Smelling Crowd" by everyone who matters. Make it happen.

This event is Storm Davis-approved, regardless of whether or not he shows up this month. I suppose, considering where you're reading this, you've figured that out already.

But you can't be too careful these days.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dueling Digital Dames.

The third in a four-part series of evenings in which PDP's most attractive affiliates beautify the soundscape of the Providence's premiere lounge for libation. Dance, drink, dare to demand Def Jam ditties the damsels don't drop and then don't stop complaining for weeks.

Or, ditch the excessive alliteration and enjoy the Beck jams and Brooklyn lager until you hopefully lose your sense of smell.

Wednesday September 10
The 121 Puma Girls (Lara & Carla)
10pm-1am / 21+ / FREE!
Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI

Friday, September 5, 2008

The ADDventures of an E.ccentric S.uper H.ero!

The plan was to wait to assault your grill with this entry until an official album release party was in the works, but SD has grown impatient with too little of his world being blessed by the sounds that slam through his speaker cones on an every-other-day basis. So get ready for a blessing, readers.

Those of you who have experienced the SD & PDP mixtape releases Nothing Stays Gold and Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling, or have been to any one of about 80% of our shows in the past 2.5 years, have had the opportunity to witness Labeless Illtelligence, our beat-battering brethren who split time between PDP's hometown of Providence and Labeless leader Cas Uno's homebase of New Bedford.

Well, here's the thing: Labeless Illtelligence includes a gent named Esh The Monolith (see "Out Of Order Border Patrol", "Cops & Crooks", and the new "Swinger Status"). Esh The Monolith has released his debut album. And it is excellent.

SD is partial to Esh because he attended his first game at Yankee Stadium with the man, and it was the last time he saw Jason Kendall in an A's uniform. And because they've sat on the seashore and eaten seafood together. Seahorse seahell. Pause.

SD is partial to "The World's Smallest Violin", the closing song on Esh's album, because it reminds him of the end of an Eighties movie. SD is partially retarded.

None of these things change the fact that The ADDventures of an E.ccentric S.uper H.ero is a great album, and you should make it the next CD you purchase.

And if you're in Providence, you can do that tonight, and catch a Labeless performance while you're at it:

Friday September 5th 2008
Labeless Illtelligence
Romen Rok
Swann Notty
Ax Butane
Slim Pickens

Jerky's Pub
72 Richmond Street
Providence RI 02903
Doors @ 9PM

This is the last show on the latest Labeless mini-tour, and Cas Uno has been maintaining a customarily hilarious blog detailing their jaunt here. Complete with photographs and impenetrable slang galore.

In closing:

Esh is awesome.
Labeless is awesome.
Buy Esh's album.
Go to the Labeless show tonight.

I'm Storm Davis, and I approve this music.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


If you've been to a Storm Davis and/or PDP show in the past 2 years, you've no doubt noted the mysterious man downing Heinekens between scratch sessions onstage behind the crew. That there is STERBYROCK, officially a member of the Poorly Drawn for a shade over a year now, but most certainly down since day one.

Today he celebrates a big anniversary, and SD would be remiss to miss a chance to publicly note the event, and say thanks to the man that makes sure there's music to distract you from his constant droning.

So, thanks, Sterby. And congrats.

The 'official article', from

Congrats & big ups to PDP's resident steelwheelworker, DJ STERBYROCK, who today celebrates FIVE YEARS of his Warped Wax Wednesdays/Afterschool Special radio show on 90.3 WRIU FM.

For those not in the know, Sterby and a roving cast of guest hosts (including Swerve One and Poorly Drawn's own Reason AKA Reason's Radio Personality) keep True School hip hop alive on a weekly basis with Rhode Island's highest rated and longest running underground hip hop show.

Sterby first hit the RIU airwaves alongside DJ Joeywonk (who has appeared on PDP releases like Gemini Slang, Kegstand Poetry, and Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling) in 2003 and soon took over for original Afterschool Special host Jaypee in the Wednesday slot. Past guests have included Akrobatik, K-Solo, Canibus, King Tech, and more local emcees and deejays than you can shake a Sterbystick(tm) at.

You can tune into the show from tha innanetz at every Wednesday from 3-6pm EST.

Downloads of past mixshows are available in the links section of this page right here, so get to clicking.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Storm Da Bastille.

It would appear that even kids in France are privy to the skillions to be made on eBay. Why, just today, while purchasing a pair of goldfish boots, I came across a copy of Kegstand Poetry in a lot from our Parisian friends.

Plus, the best description of the album ever:

STORM DAVIS "Kegstand poetry" (PDP) 2006: Imprevisible white man does what he gotta do. Good.

At least I'm keeping company with Black Sheep over in the EU. Peep the auction action here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Takes a Pillage to Hail a Cab(adonna).

LAST MINUTE ADDITION! (to our hectic touring schedule, that is).

It seemed that The Clipse (or their Re-Up Gang, at least) had something better to do next week (I'm guessing coke) and cancelled the Providence date on their tour with Wu Tang's premiere slang editorialist Cappadonna. So, as Poorly Drawn People is quite obviously the next rung down on the coke-rap ladder, the promoters threw up the PDP signal and we put down our razor blades and rolled-up Benjamins and responded in the affirmative.

After all, Cappadonna did do that ill verse on "Winter Warz." And then... well, he did drive that cab in Baltimore for awhile, and Maryland has always been good to us. And, Wu Tang is Wu Tang is Wu Tang. Sort of.

Plus, we just came off a great show with Keith Murray (rocking to 250 rabid Worcester supporters - don't let them show you up, Providence; come support!) and Hit Squad alumnus K-Solo just joined Sterbyrock & Reason on last week's installment of the Warped Wax Wednesday radio show. It's 1998 Week at the PDP Mansion - come help us close it out in style with our first performance as a crew at Lupo's Washington Street location.


(Wu Tang Clan)
(Storm Davis / Reason / Dox / Sterbyrock)
(Big East Music Entertainment)

All Ages
Doors 8pm / Show 9pm
Advance $12 / Day Of $15

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Most PoorlyDrawnest Thing In The World.

This Friday, Storm Davis & PDP shoot up Rt 146 to join the homies RADIx and a whole bunch of acts they tell us bring above-average heat to open for the inimitable Def Squad Enigma, Keith Murray!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tap The Bottle.

So, I was gonna do a whole new write-up for this month's event, but you know the deal by now. And I was pretty busy last night trading Brett Favre to the Jets. But, for those who need a refresher, last month's description still applies:

PDP's Dox & third-string Packers QB DJ Save1 keep hipster-hop alive in the guise of the mid-nineties and beyond, spinning those old school, underground, and local tracks that make you feel like you're in on the joke nobody else gets.

The ever-appealing 121 staff slings beastly beverages while your favorite local slangsters politic and pound under the gaze of stained glass, praying that it doesn't matter to whatshername that their pants are way bigger than that unwashed gent in the corner. Oh crap, he threw up. That shit is gross.

Saturday August 9
Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI
21+ / 10pm

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tonight. Do it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Agenda's Storm Davis Interview Uncut

PHOTO: PDP's Chief of Security, Petey Wheatstraw, removes rabid fan from stage at IndieArts Fest. (click to enlarge)


Last weekend, dem Poorly Drawn boyz were privileged to play at Providence's first annual IndieArts Festival (details can be found in the entry below). The promotional ramp-up for the event included an issue of The Agenda (an arts & culture newspaper that bills itself as "Providence's Only Free Sporadical") dedicated to all things IndieArts, including profiles and interviews with the performers.

Because volume and force of the wind that he expels could carry Columbus to the New World, PDP's Storm Davis took up the task of answering The Agenda's questions. Also because the crew was on one of their weekend-pseudo-tours at the time of the interview (in Washington DC with producer/bane-of-our-existence Entity), and everyone else was far too inebriated for such tasks.

Barrels of ink costing what they do these days, The Agenda only printed excerpts of the conversation. For posterity's sake, we present to you: the unedited PDP transcripts.


** Taken from interviews with Corey Haim (Tiger Beat, 1986), The Jonas Brothers (Teen Beat, 2008) and an interview with Molly Ringwold, (Time, 1986) ** Taken from interviews with Corey Haim (Tiger Beat, 1986), The Jonas Brothers (Teen Beat, 2008) and an interview with Molly Ringwold, (Time, 1986)

What color are the lead singer's eyes? One brown, one green, one blue.
How many groupies do you let hang out with you after shows?! The four most special-est. And/or, thousands.
Do you believe in vampires? We believe in ourselves.
What do you do to prepare before going onstage? How do you prepare for seeing us onstage? That's the question worth answering. It must be a staggering task. We don't envy you. Except for the part where you get to watch us. That must be awesome.
What's a typical day like for you? Like swimming in an Olympic-sized pool full of gold dubloons.
How long does it take you to do your hair? Depends on whether condoms are used.
Do you have any fashion tips for your guy-fans? Do we ever!
What kind of perfume or scent do you like on girls? PDP.
How did you come up with your band name? Won it in a legal battle from Badly Drawn Boy.

Here's another set of questions. This is a chance for you to voice a response to some of the things YOU see in Providence, in your own words, however you see fit. Please answer a MINIMUM of three to four questions – if you want to tackle more, go for it. Again, one person in the band can answer, or you can divide it up, or you can all provide input – however you see fit.

Here's the questions about Providence:

1.) Is there a lack of diversity in music venues in Providence? NAH.

2.) What are some of your favorite bar/music venues that have gone, and why do you miss it/them? Club Babyhead, The Met Cafe. CUZ WE KEEPS IT REAL.

3.) Do you think gentrification is a real problem in Providence? We don't so much think as we do feel, to conserve our logic reserves for the aftermath of The Rapture.

4.) What are the essentials to making a city culturally viable? Larger culture receptacles. Less places without these receptacles.

5.) Do you think that Providence is the "arts city" that it promotes? We think the "arts city" that Providence promotes is Snug Harbor.

6.) If you could ask the Mayor a question, what would it be? How often does he wear that Storm Davis t-shirt his aide bought at SoundSession last year?

7.) If you could add one new state department to city government what would it be and what would it do? The Department of Getting Our DJ, Sterbyrock, a Sexy New Girlfriend & Parks.

8.) How do you think the music scene today compares to six years ago? More technology, less techno.

9.) Should new condos be developed on the waterfront in India Point Park and where the Old Shooters is, or should the waterfront be a public space? 9.a) Does the city need new condos? The hippie in me says 'a public space,' but right now I'm more concerned with reporting to the authorities that I just got roofied and rogered by a hippie than I am about condo development.

10.) Graffiti:"art" or "malicious destruction of property"? Malicious Property Art.

11.) Has Downtown changed for the better? Since when? The 80s? Hell yes. Since yesterday? Status quo.

12.) Preservationists: "stuck in the past" or "vital contributors to developments within of the city"? "should wear more hats like the Pilgrims did"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SD & PDP Live Under The Sun @ Indie Arts Fest

Come check out the first PDP daytime show since... well, since before they were PDP, I think. But who has time to remember such things? There's hungover bargain-hunting hipsters to be humored by, in the hot summer sun, no less. Hide your beers in your bike water bottles and head to downtown Providence for mid-afternoon Poorly Drawn

The IndieArts Fest looks to be shaping up huge-style, so we'll just give you the basics of the festival and our set and you can peep the flyer or their website for more info.

Saturday July 19 2008
(Storm Davis / Reason / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock)
2:00pm - 2:45 pm
performing on "The Fringe Stage"
Burnside Park @ Bank of America City Center
(adjacent to Kennedy Plaza)

The First annual IndieArts Fest celebrates independently produced art, music, performance and locally sourced goods and products. Entertainment will include live music and DJs, burlesque, spoken word, experimental dance, and a compliation of films & film shorts accompanied by on-site improvised sound environments.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SD & PDP X2 for SoundSession Providence Week!

July pops off correct with double your Poorly Drawn Pleasure:

First, on Thursday July 10, PDP participate in the first-ever outside-Providence version of the famed SoundSession festival at The Blackstone in Pawtucket, RI. A gang of crazy talented acts join in the fun, all for the unheard of (these days) price of five bucks.

(Storm Davis / Reason / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock)
(Big East Music Entertainment)
(Strange Famous Records)
(Meal Tix)
(Formulatin' Fathers)

Sounds provided by

The Blackstone
Hope Village - 1005 Main St
Pawtucket RI
$5 / 21+ / doors 8pm

dox enjoys the company of men

Just 2 days later, on Saturday, July 12, PDP's Dox joins forces once again with DJ Save One for Tap The Bottle, this month's version of their e'ry-4-weeks homage to the golden age of hip hop. Right in the thick of the downtown Providence SoundSession madness at the ol' standby saloon, Local 121. And its FREEEEEEE. Stop in. It's the right thing to do. And Storm Davis will drink Jack Daniels RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Seriously. He just does not care.

Dox of PDP & DJ Save One
spinning 80s & 90s hip hop
@ Local 121's Tap Room
121 Washington St
Providence RI
21+ / 10pm(ish)-2am / FREE!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another PDP Kitten Image Manipulation.

I'm Storm Davis, and I approve of this event.

Cozy Music presents
The 121PumaGirls (Carla & Lara) in
or, I Can Has A Deejay Night???

Wednesday July 2 2008
121 Washington St
Providence RI
21+ | FREE | 10pm-1am

Feel free to corner me at said event and I will impatiently ignore your questions and mutter incomprehensible nonsense while demanding you buy me more magic elixir. Good times.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Educated Consumers.

A few weeks back, we opened a show for Eyedea & Abilities (of the Rhymesayers Entertainment camp). For a number of reasons (including the weekend of the show also being the weekend of my 2_th birthday, constant extreme shifts in my job/emotional/social landscape over this most recent chunk of time, copious amounts of Jack Daniel's finding its way into my system, that there are only 24 hours in a day, I'm an ass, etc) I never recapped the show (which I do occasionally) or even gave it the ol' long-winded, almost unreadable SD intro on the ramp-up to the date (which is generally a lock).

Luckily, the homie SeezMics from Educated Consumers did it for us.

Educated Consumers (from Maryland) also opened for E&A that evening, and impressed the shit out of us. Not only did they have that rare quality of not being garbage (which is something underground rap acts excel at more often than not) but they were chill as fuck and provided excellent merch table conversation. Their Write Hear album is dope and you should buy it.

Here's the excerpt from Seez's tour blog for Providence:

May 30 @ The Living Room (Providence, RI)

Took us 90 minutes to get to I-95 from Brooklyn. Word.

This was the first city where we had a hotel and I was anxious to see what kind of accomodations we'd be dealing with. Fortunately for us, <3 Kel was on the case and booked us a dope room on the cheap. We chilled for a bit, soundchecked and set up merch at the venue, then broke out to get some food.

Providence is a lot like D.C. in that you go from rundown industrial graveyard to bustling urban sprawl in a matter of 500 yards. A Mexican spot did us lovely and I was amped for the show. Unfortunately, the Celtics were eliminating the Pistons (sayonara Flip, keep playing the other team's best scorer straight up!) and the crowd was more into the game than my bad jokes. Such is life. I got to build with Storm Davis of the Oakland A's/Poorly Drawn People, and hopefully we'll be trading shows with them soon.

Manhattan had drained the party out of us, so we weren't in the mood to go out. We were in the mood to take some pictures with the venue's graffiti wall as the backdrop and do an interview in front of a Dunkin' Donuts (the interview footage will be posted shortly ahem Sean ahem.)

Read the rest of SeezMics' tour blog here, and, in theory, a PDP/EC collaborative effort will pop up on your radar sooner than later.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Picture Of An Octopus.

Alright, all. It's Monday. Time to start thinking about the weekend. Reflecting on the one just passed, and planning for the one just a few days ahead. Let's get moving:

Thanks to all of you who joined the Poorly Drawn family at Local 121 on Saturday for Dox & DJ Save1's monthly old school extravaganza. Naughty By Nature marathons, obscene dance moves, and cake for Reason's birfday, plus the usual gang of glassware housing the devil's potions, once again added up to a rousing success. It's a lock for a good time, so mark the date for next month (July 12). Don't worry, though: we'll remind you. But you probably guessed that already.

"But what about this weekend, Storm Davis? What should we do?? We haven't seen PDP perform live in weeeeeeeeeeeeks!!" you say. Or, in the case of quite of few of you, in A LONG F.CKIN TIME. So let's do Friday night together. Come on, don't be nervous. We'll be gentlemen. Probably.

INDEF*ART presents The-Day-Befo'-Its-Officially-Summer-Jumpoff***

with performances by
POORLY DRAWN PEOPLE (Reason / Storm Davis / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock)
(Cas Uno / Esh the Monolith / DJ Al-Bums)
(Portland, ME |
(New Hampshire)

115 Empire St
Providence RI
Doors 8pm / ALL AGES
OPEN MIC from 8-9pm
Six Dollars

Hope to see you all there. Rumor has it that PDP will be going on in the late part of the evening, after 11 sometime.
Any questions, click reply and let your concerns pour out everywhere. I'll mop them up & mail the towel to AskJeeves.

alright alright alright,

***hey, we didn't name it. you should have seen what they wanted to call it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

You Could Drink With Storm Davis!

Greetings friends, friends of friends, & former 3-time NASCAR finalist Big Doug,

As you might imagine, I receive dozens of hundreds of emails each decade axing how one might be able to mill about inside of a room containing my awesome as it smoovely sips away at the world's remaining supply of Jack Daniel's.

Just this once, Ima tell yoo.

This Saturday, in Providence, Rhode Island, Storm Davis (who is now typing in the third person) will be doing just that at a bar called "Low Cal 121" on Washington Street in Providence. He supports this bar because its name clearly fits in with his relentless quest for physical fitness. Also the staff is mad scrutinizable. Especially the dudes. Seriously, he's having them audited (No Boston Tea Party).

Anyway, I believe someone named "DOCKS" is DJing with another guy named "RESCUE" and there's a flyer around somewhere. They oppose the farming of coca plants and stopped enjoying anything that went into their ears after 1997, even that spider that laid eggs that time. Which was kind of $3xy, if you dig Tobey Maguire, which SD does not. Not feeling his hairstyle. But deejays schmeeejays, right?







see you there,
Strom Thurmond
Certified Ombudsman

*from the chains of passion

Dox of Poorly Drawn People & DJ SaveOne
[LOCAL 121]
121 Washington St | Providence RI
10pm-2am / 21+ / FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

SD & PDP’s Shoot For The Stars gets 4/5 Rating from!

Poorly Drawn People
Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling
4 out of 5 $$$$$

As Labeless Illtelligence emcee Cas Uno points out on his drop for this mixtape, the most recent of many from Poorly Drawn People, "y'all are some seriously depressing motherfuckers." Going on my one and only impression of the group, Storm Davis's Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic, and the title of this mixtape, I would likely agree, but what they offer up with Shoot for the Stars, Hit the Ceiling shows a completely different side of this five man crew.

The production from Dox and Entity is mostly upbeat boom bap that results in great beats like the countrified "Hooked on Symphonics," the fun posse cut "Fatbackburners" and the bass-drenched "Poison Propaganda." PDP emcees Reason and Storm Davis (and sometimes Dox) put these instrumentals to good use in a variety of permutations, including group tracks, duos, solos and a bunch of different posse cuts.

There are many impressive verses throughout. Sure, it's a lot of braggadocio along with a pair of sex raps (one from each emcee), but there's also a small selection of message-based tracks covering dirty cops ("Cops & Crooks"), revolution ("Let the People Know") and counteracting mindless rap ("The Vaccine"). The crew's fifth member, Sterbyrock, stops by to drop a shout-out along with some turntable manipulations. This is the Poorly Drawn People that I'd like to hear more from.

Download it for free at

[Thomas Quinlan]

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The infamous and rather legendary Rhode Island hip-hop promoter Mortal celebrates the 10th anniversary of his company, Basement Flavor, with a show at The Living Room in Providence featuring headliners & ex-Def Jux crazies Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox) and C-Rayz Walz!

PDP's supastar-smear-campaigner & posse-haver Reason hits you with a solo set of Gemini slang, DJ Sterbyrock makes the noise you hear between and behind the acts like only he can, Storm Davis displays his fresh new set of emotions and lack of patience doing the host thing, and Dox lurks about the fringes making you worry about your ladyfriend's allegience.

PDP fams Labeless Illtelligence catch third-headliner status behind the big Jukie duo, plus Sneaky Pete and Marshall Law set off the evening.

Sounds like fun.

Friday May 16 2008
The Living Room
23 Rathbone St
Providence RI 02903

VAST AIRE (of Cannibal Ox)

hosted by STORM DAVIS
sounds provided by DJ STERBYROCK

doors 8pm | $15 | ALL AGES

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanks to you... SD & PDP win BEST HIP-HOP ACT in the Providence Phoenix BMP!

The winners in the 2008 Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll were announced today, and thanks to all of your hard work and support,
Poorly Drawn People (Dox, Storm Davis, Reason, DJ Sterbyrock & Entity) was named BEST HIP-HOP ACT!

Something to keep in mind when reading the attached article (from this week's issue of the paper):

While our rampant egomania causes us to never pay mind to those who criticize our process of making music,
and won't allow us to change our style to please anyone, forcing us to stay true to ourselves (and thus, "don't give a shit what anyone thinks"),
we truly do appreciate and love each and every one of you who've helped us achieve what we have. Never doubt that.

A special thanks to the other nominees: Labeless Illtelligence, Prolyphic, Chachi, Need Not Worry, and Jon Hope.
Click them shits immediately and go listen to some of the rest of the best hip-hop music Providence has to offer.

peace, love, and thanks,


Best HIP-HOP ACT in PROVIDENCE: Poorly Drawn People

Poorly Drawn People — Dox, Storm Davis, Entity, Reason, and DJ Sterby Rock — are crafting an aesthetic, and monstrous reputation, for the best damn hip-hop around. Davis, the de facto spokesman, attributes their success to a variety of factors, but one element in particular: "Ninety-eight percent of it has to do with the fact that we actually, sincerely don't give a shit what anybody thinks," says Davis. "Don't get us wrong — we love validation, praise, applause, and whatever else people want to give us. But if we're happy with it, we don't care what anyone thinks."

PDP met through mutual friends in the area hip-hop network. "The more time we spent together, the more respect we developed for each other," says Davis. "Every time we played, I would get wowed. We thought about it: among us we could have four teams of one, or one team of four. That's how we came together." And the union grows more potent and effective each time they open their mouths. Their latest mix tapes, including Shoot for the Stars, Hit the Ceiling and Nothing Stays Gold, have been flying out and signs point to some serious success. "There's no shortage of good feelings about ourselves," admits Davis. "People wonder how you can fit this many gigantic egos into one room!" Many in the hip-hop arena feel that, despite those expectations, PDP is knocking on a special door. "We really want to be put on the field with the best, to see how we measure up" says Davis.

So what is PDP looking for? "Right now, time and money are the only things holding us back."

— Bob Gulla

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Well. That Happened.

On September 15, 2007, Poorly Drawn People unleashed a free CD sampler/mixtape called Nothing Stays Gold on the masses. (FREE DOWNLOAD available here)

Frankly, we weren't expecting much from the 25-track compilation of new and unreleased songs; it was just a way to give you a taste of how PDP would sound in our new, streamlined incarnation, and let you know that we were still around between albums.

Six months and 600 copies and over 4000 downloads later, we couldn't be happier with the reception. New England embraced the release and is still giving us love for it, and we've gotten response from far-off lands like Eastern Europe, Colombia, Ireland, the Phillipines, and a mysterious nation called Pascoag, all saying they wanted more.

Since you asked so nicely, we put down the Jack bottles for a couple of weeks and cobbled together another 24 tracks that will hopefully creep out your car windows as they roll down for the first time this spring, and keep us in your ears as we retreat to the PoorlyDrawn Cave to finally finish off the next round of albums for you.

So, on Saturday April 5, we present to you: a new, absolutely FREE CD sampler - SHOOT FOR THE STARS, HIT THE CEILING, two dozen new joints from REASON, STORM DAVIS, DOX, ENTITY, and DJ STERBYROCK, with collaborations featuring Cas Uno and Esh from LABELESS ILLTELLIGENCE, Strange Famous Records' PROLYPHIC, AL BUMS, AMS UNO, and more!

Come down to the Living Room in Providence on Saturday April 5 and get your FREE copy of Shoot For The Stars, and check out performances from our peoples from near and far: Esh The Monolith of Labeless Illtelligence (performing material from his upcoming LP The Oddventures of an Eccentric Super Hero), Northampton MA crew The Problemaddicts (those who saw them rock with us on March 6 will tell you: don't miss their set!), Antfarm Affiliates from Connecticut, and Ax Butane & DJ Janks from Conscious Insanity, plus some surprises if time allows. Hosted by the inimitable Swerve One & the Creme Prince himself, Need Not Worry, and brought to you by our sponsors,,,, and Classsick Screenprinting (logos below for brand identity reinforcement. CUZ THAS HOW WE LIVIN).


It all goes down:

23 Rathbone St Providence RI
ALL AGES // doors 9pm // $10

There will be BRAND NEW Mens & Womens PDP TSHIRTS for sale at the show!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PoorlyDrawnPeople Who Live in Glass Houses...

Before you catch it on any other news sites (such as the text found below on imdb), we'll just issue the denial right here and now. LeeLee is a wonderful actress, mixes a heck of a Harvey Wallbanger, and by God, votes Cool Moose every time, but short of a few warm summer night indiscretions during her tenure at Brown, we remain simply good friends.

The offending paragraph, from

Sobieski Dating Davis?

Actress Leelee Sobieski has sparked rumors she is dating Poorly Drawn People rapper Storm Davis, after the pair was spotted together at a recent Los Angeles party. The Eyes Wide Shut star - who has previously been linked to Josh Hartnett and Sean Lennon - was snapped enjoying an intimate clinch with Davis at a Hollywood Hills bash, prompting reports of their romantic involvement. An eyewitness tells the New York Post's gossip column PageSix, "Storm had his hands all over her, touching her waist and rear end. It was very cute, and they definitely looked together."

In other news(ish)...


Much love to all that came out to the SD & PDP events last Easter weekend. On Friday, Cas Uno & Poorly Drawn People headed down to Danbury CT and fused the Labeless and PDP sensibilites in a joint set for the first time since Esh the Monolith joined the circus at a Tazza gig in summer 2007. Save for the second eternal ride home in as many weeks and $5 dive bar Coors Lights, good times were had by all. Props to Antfarm Affiliates for bringing us down, and to Spokinn Movement and Delusional Records for doing their thing.

On Saturday, the walls of Local 121 in Providence creaked with the pressure of the skillion heads that showed up to vibe to the Nineties hiphop marathon put on by Dox and Save1. The current lineup of Poorly Drawn People was in full effect for the first time ever, as Entity (PDP's own version of Jarobi) was in the building, huddled around a table with SD, Reason, and Sterbyrock. Unexpected cameos by mysteryproducer Justin Catoni, Ax Butane, Rodney AKA Serious Black, and of course, high-ranking members of the state Democratic Party [link disabled for job security purposes] made the night of Jack & Miller all the more enjoyable. Big ups to photography wiz Owen Muir for hosting the intimate afterparty.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SD & PDP Nominated for Providence Phoenix's BEST HIPHOP ACT Award

This may come as a rush of deja vu to some of you, but its just that time again.

The nominees for the Providence Phoenix 2008 Best Music Poll have been announced, and Storm Davis' crew, POORLY DRAWN PEOPLE, has been nominated for BEST HIP HOP ACT in Rhode Island.

You may recall that last year both Poorly Drawn's Storm Davis and former PDP member Symmetry were nominated as solo artists, and math being what it is, PDP nation was split in 2, as were the votes, and the trophy went to another act.

However, SD did win the 2007 Best Album award for Kegstand Poetry, and that shows what happens when we all rally behind the same cause.

That victory led to coverage and opportunity for PDP that wouldn't have come along otherwise, and we're grateful beyond words to all of you that helped make that happen.

This year the Phoenix saw fit to nominate Poorly Drawn People as a unit, so we'll have the strength of the fans, friends, family, and stalkers from all 5 of our camps.

So this is our plea to you: a second chance in an election year to cast a vote that counts. We can't promise to cut your taxes or make the streets safer, but we promise to flirt with your girlfriend, drink up your whiskey, and if your vote leads to publicity that gets just one more fan in our corner, maybe Storm Davis will leave you alone for 5 minutes and ramble endlessly in pseudo-inspirational but slightly psychotic prose to them instead of you.

Now that's a cause America can get behind.

Here's how you vote:

Go to:

You can either begin your ballot with the first category, or go directly to Best Hip Hop.

Select "Poorly Drawn People" from the list of nominees.

Click 'Submit'

When you've finished your vote, click 'Cast Your Ballot'

Scroll down and enter your name and email address.

Click 'Submit'



Again, any support you can give is truly appreciated. Vote, forward this email to friends who can spare 5 minutes and are willing to take a listen, spread the word. The only reason we've been able to achieve what we have in the past 3 years is because of you, and this will be no different.

Thanks for listening,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boot Camp, Road Trip, & About to Drop...

Greetings all,

We've got a weekend of live Storm Davis & Poorly Drawn People coming up for you, plus some other events on the horizon to tease you with, so let's get right into it:


You may have caught SD & PDP's newest affiliates, The Problemaddicts ( at the March 6 show at the Living Room, where they made a heavy impression on attendees and acts alike. If you missed it, don't worry, we're bringing them back on Saturday April 5, but if you're in the Northampton MA area or down for a Friday night road trip, they're bringing us out to their home turf to warm up the crowd before they rock with a live band!


The Problemaddicts / Storm Davis & Poorly Drawn People
Bassment Soundz / Meghawatt
Bishop's Lounge 41 Strong Avenue Northampton MA
21+ $5 Doors 10pm



SD & PDP open for the legendary BOOT CAMP CLICK (, who bring members Buckshot, Sean Price, and Smif N Wessun (aka the Cocoa Brovaz) to town. Come see your mid-90s headphone sounds spring to life as BCC runs thru the classics, and catch PDP homies Romen Rok and Chachi rock along with Starrs & Murph, Meal Tix, and Point Blank.



Boot Camp Clik / Storm Davis & Poorly Drawn People / Romen Rok
Chachi / Starrs & Murph / Meal Tix / Point Blank
The Living Room 23 Rathbone St Providence RI
ALL AGES $20 Doors at 8pm



The last PDP mixtape/CD sampler, Nothing Stays Gold, dropped last September and proceeded to exceed every and all expectations we had set for it. Since you seemed to dig it so much (and we thank you for that), we pushed back the next proper PDP release, Storm Davis & Dox's Robot Rock & Necktie Blues, in order to bring you another batch of music from SD, Dox, Reason, Entity, and DJ Sterbyrock. We'll hit you with the title and details soon, but we can tell you that the compilation will drop on SATURDAY APRIL 5 at THE LIVING ROOM, with FREE CDs FOR THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE THROUGH THE DOOR! So mark your calendars and clear some space in your iPod, new tunes are just 3 weeks away!


Friday March 21, Cousin Larry's, Danbury CT
Live with D_Cyphernauts/Antfarm Affiliates
Saturday March 22, Local 121, Providence RI
DOX spins underground & old school hiphop with DJ Save1
Saturday April 5, The Living Room, Providence RI
Mixtape Release Show with The Problemaddicts and more!


If you don't find Storm Davis or Poorly Drawn People particularly interesting, but somehow got this email, might we suggest:

Wednesday March 12
Whalebone Jackson play their gruff soul rock n' roll at the Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House in Providence RI. for details.

Friday March 14
Labeless Illtelligence rock Great Barrington MA. Details at

Saturday March 15
Prolyphic performs at AS220 in Providence RI with his Strange Famous Records labelmate B.Dolan and more! or for details.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


College night hiphop for dat azz. You'll be starting the weekend early anyway, so come down those beers with Storm Davis & Poorly Drawn People at the Living Room. Not that SD will be drinking on a school night of course, but you get where we're going with this.

The night is brought to you by Conscious Insanity, the recently-formed trio of rappers Ax Butane and Sens One, with DJ Janks Da Rezolution.

There are about sixty or so acts on the bill, so SD & PDP will be making the magic short, sweet, and early: Janks has told us that we'll be holding down the 10:30 spot, so you can peep our 15 minutes and you'll still have plenty of time to get to the Complex for some Absolut VD afterward.

We'll be "smoothly" transitioning right into a set by Labeless Illtelligence with a collaborative run-through of "Poorly Drawn Illtelligence's Scribbled Smarts" from Nothing Stays Gold.

Now you know where we'll be on Thursday night. The rest is up to you.

Conscious Insanity presents:

(Storm Davis / Reason / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock)
Labeless Illtelligence
Need Not Worry
Spit Personalitys
The Problemaddicts
Abu Bless
Slim Pickens

with sounds by DJ Sterbyrock
hosted by Swerve One

23 Rathbone St Providence RI
ALL AGES | doors 9pm | $8

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick Update: Mark Your Calendars.

It's that time again... shows, shows, shows. The weather should begin its turn any minute now (or at least in June, this being New England... but we're getting closer), and so we begin our attempts to get you (and ourselves) out of the caves, cribs, and cocoons and into the beams of the streetlamps and stagelights.

Here's the basic info, we'll give you the details as each individual date comes upon us (pause):

Janks & Sens of Conscious Insanity have long been supporters of PDP, coming to shows, rocking their PoorlyDrawn gear, and keeping the word out there. So when they asked us to jump on board their first bill at the Living Room, we were happy to do so as a way of saying thanks.

The Problemaddicts will be bringing SD & PDP out to their hometown for some Massachusetts love, god willin'.

Here's one for the ages, or at least, the aged: Storm Davis & Poorly Drawn People open for the legendary Boot Camp Clik (Buckshot, Sean Price, Smif N Wessum) along with Romen Rok, the 401 AllStars (Chachi, Meal Tix, Starrs & Murph) and Point Blank. Brought to you by Lifted Productions and You'll be hearing a lot more about this show from us very soon, beleedat.

D_Cyphernauts host a monthly hiphop event in Danbury, CT, and were kind enough to invite SD & PDP down for the March installment.

Supadeejay Dox (yes! Dox of Poorly Drawn People!) puts down the old school and underground hiphop favorites you never knew you had to get you up and vibing. DJ Save1 comes along for the ride.

The first show we've thrown since last September. Sure, we've done some others, but this is the first time since we unleashed Nothing Stays Gold upon you that it will have the 'PDP Presents' endorsement across the top of the flyer. Come end the 7-month hiatus with us and we'll give you something special to take home with you... but more on that later. Also appearing: The Problemaddicts, and more to be announced. Stay tuned.



We try not to ask you for too much without giving you something in return, so while you're marking those calendars feel free to download some music to mark 'em to, courtesy of our brethren over at Labeless Illtelligence!

The "Lads Sans Labels" (as they're called in Scotland) have a new, absolutely FREE project for your listening pleasure called Intox-I-Rox Solid: Stink Talk.

Intox-I-Rox is comprised of Labeless mastermind Cas Uno on the vocals, and sometimes-rapper, sometimes-producer Rock Solid on the beats. Stopping by to share their perspective on world events are Esh the Monolith, Ams Uno, and Dirty Ice of Busted Fro.

Take a listen and share with urrrbody you know. Here's the details from ChrisUno EndCrews himself:

"Rock on the beats, me on the rhymes.

Some special guests here and there.

Planned on releasing double CD w/ Rock's "JuanEPstein" release...Ish didn't work out w/ getting our hands on Rock's project, so we decided to toss this ish out there for free along w/ all the rest of the current, trendy, keep Hip Hope alive type of cats....IF? it ever works out that we get to obtain Rock's project, this will be re-released in it's intended format.


Share it w/ ya friends.

Dislike it.

Throw it directly into your deleted items.

It's free either way.

peace and respect."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SD & PDP Bumrush the 2nd Annual WYDU Awards!

In the summer of last year, the hiphop blog (one of Vibe Magazine's "Dirty 30: the Top 30 hottest spots for Hip Hop on the Internet", October 2007) named the title track off of Storm Davis' Kegstand Poetry to its own Top 30 Songs of the First Half of 2007 (#16).

This past December, WDYU mastermind Trav invited SD to be a panelist for their year-end awards, and SD (along with 8 other contributors) provided nominations for the categories that would be awarded when the list was published.

After wrestling with his "conscience" (such as it is), Storm submitted his albums and artists with as little a degree of bias as possible (that is, without listing a single release by self or Poorly Drawn People, save for naming Dox's "Buying Back Your Past" on his subjective-by-definition list of Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2007).***

On January 14, 2008, Wake Your Daughter Up unveiled its Second Annual WYDU Awards. Despite Storm's lack of tampering with the voting process, PDP made out quite fine, appearing on the positive side of multiple categories:

Storm Davis was named twice on the Top 100 Songs of 2007 - "Bethany" (produced by Entity) at #85, "Kegstand Poetry" (produced by Dox) at #25.

Kegstand Poetry (the album) was named as one of 3 to receive Trav's Late Pass Award (given to records released the previous year that slipped through the cracks).

Poorly Drawn People's Nothing Stays Gold mixtape received an Honorable Mention in the Best Mixtape category, losing out to Mick Boogie & Little Brother's And Justus For All.

You can view the full listing of winners and charts here. Selected write-ups are published below for your convenience.

Big ups to Trav and all of the WYDU mind squad for the support. Check out the rest of their excellent work while you're over there.

Top 100 Songs of 2007

85. Storm Davis of Poorly Drawn People - Bethany (from Nothing Stays Gold)

Storm Davis is another example of an artist that I enjoy because I can relate to his subject matter. Storm released his "Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic" in 2006, but I didn't discover the music until earlier this year, thanks to Krooked over at HHB. This track might be a little "emo" in nature, but I've never been one to shy away from that. A lovely piano sample accompanies Storm as he displays a tightened up flow about a girl, of course. I look forward to hearing more from Storm in the coming year and I'm sure I'll be pimping his music to the rest of you.

25. Storm Davis - Kegstand Poetry (from Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic)

How can you not like someone who took their name from a 1980's major league pitcher? Alright, most likely, 90% of you don't know who the original Storm Davis was, but don't make that same mistake twice. The hip hop version of Storm Davis is a New England MC that released his creatively entitled "Kegstand Peotry for the Recovering Alcoholic" (one of the best names for an album ever) in 2006. Like Rip Van Winkle, I was fast asleep on it until a blog posted the album up in May of '07. On the strength of the name alone and Krooked giving it his approval, I downloaded the album. It would become my second favorite album of the year that wasn't released in the year 2007 (Juggaknots take home the first place prize, being mentioned as first on my blog). The anchor song for the album would "Kegstand Poetry", a fun sing-a-long song that would be great in any karaoke bar after nine to ten cold frosty ones. There were multiple nights this past year that I would be singing at the top of my lungs along with this song in my apartment after a trip to the bars. Would have liked to seen this released as a single or further up in the track listing and this could have been every drunken b-boy's theme song.

Trav's Late Pass Award: Favorite Albums From the Past Couple Years That I Discovered This Year

2. Storm Davis - Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic

I downloaded this earlier in the year strictly off the fact the dude took his name from an old 80's Major League Baseball pitcher I used to like. I also think Krooked from HHB gave it the seal of approval as well. I ended up liking it so much that I tracked it down as a used copy at a local CD store (sorry Storm, hopefully the press this year made up for it...haha). Armed with a cool voice and subject matter that was easy for me to relate to, Storm Davis dropped the soundtrack of my summer with the track "Kegstand Poetry" along with other quality tracks. Now I'm just waiting for the new album...dammit!

***Full Disclosure Regarding Favoritism:

SD may have abstained from self-specific promotion, but friends and collaborators were a different story altogether: Storm nominated Prolyphic's Times Table Scraps for the category of Best Lost & Found / Unreleased Album of the Year; and Jon Hope & Statik Selektah's The Audacity for both Best Mixtape and Best Free Album. Alas, the Kegstand Poet's influence was less than impressive; neither release made the cut for the final awards. But you should still seek them out and give a listen.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Event of Monolithic Proportions.

Finally, membership in the forum of fans and friends of SD & PDP reaps rewards:
you and yours are (quite possibly) invited to a hush-hush performance of Storm Davis & Poorly Drawn People at a birthday party for Labeless Illtelligence's ESH THE MONOLITH!

This FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 2008
The Gemuse Gallery
131 Washington St 4th Floor
Providence RI

performances by
(Storm Davis / Reason / Dox / DJ Sterbyrock)
NEED NOT WORRY (Formulatin' Fathers)
SNEAKY PETE (00Agents)
and more to be announced

with sounds from

and CAS UNO as DJ I-Want-My-Money-Back

BYOB or $5 Cups for the Pabst Blue Ribbon kegs (for the hipsters) and hard liquor beverages available.
Starting around 9PM and running till the breakadawn or the lackalikka.
PDP will perform somewhere between 11-1.

If you've seen PDP live these past couple of years, odds are you've witnessed Labeless Illtelligence rocking before we go on. They're the ones cussing out the soundman, hurling pieces of the stage at the crowd, and occasionally challenging that same crowd (or other artists on the bill) to fistfights during their sets. So obviously, we refuse to stop booking them, and work with them every chance we get.

This Friday, we get to celebrate the chaos caused by these ultimate rap warriors as one of their own turns 26.

Come on, people: This is a birthday party for a guy named "ESH THE MONOLITH." Just think of the possibilities.

Come before the bar, come after the bar, or join us for the long haul, but don't complain no one throws good parties anymore. If you received this invite, you may bring or invite whomever you'd like, cuz we know you only roll with good people, right?

Email to confirm your status, RSVP, or with any questions.

Hope to see you there to help us kick off the 2008's musical mission properly.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Storm Davis & Poorly Drawn People ink sponsorship deal with APLOMB Clothing!

Providence, RI-based hip hop collective Poorly Drawn People (emcees Storm Davis and Reason, producers Dox and Entity, and DJ Sterbyrock) have joined forces with Washington D.C. fashion upstart Aplomb Clothing!

PDP's Storm Davis first met Aplomb's chief designer Matt Corrado (AKA Chew) in Providence in 2005. Maryland native Chew had approached Storm about collaborating on a musical project (Corrado, in addition to being a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, is a talented producer). Although the duo made some initial progress, the project never materialized. Davis and Corrado stayed in touch after the latter moved to the District.

Three years later, with each entrenched in new and promising artistic projects, the relationship was renewed with a different slant: Davis' Poorly Drawn People crew have agreed to act as walking billboards for the adventurous designs of Corrado's Aplomb line, and PDP will be infused into the soundtrack that accompanies some of the most promising and exciting street gear on the East Coast.

What does this mean to SD & PDP fans?

"You'll be blessed to see us in more new t-shirts than ever before, which I'd imagine is incredibly exciting for many people, as only about 50% of our fans have expressed interest in seeing us perpetually nude," says Davis. "And we'll be harassing you to buy even more products than we do now. We're still the same questionable sellouts you've come to love and/or tolerate, but now we give advice on which gear you should rock. Because, frankly, they're remarkably fresh."

Why join forces with Aplomb?

"We identified with them, an artistic camp coming from out of nowhere and laying it all on the line without any guarantee they'd be received positively," Davis explains. "Plus, they asked."

You can check out Aplomb's line of men's and women's nudeproofing at or in PDP's top friends section at

Keep an eye out for PDP/Aplomb collaborations in 2008!

More about Aplomb, from the company's site:

"One thing all three owners could recognize when they decided to start Aplomb was an overwhelming need for creative commerce in the D.C. area. Specifically, our nation's capital had no nationally recognized apparel companies to call its own. And so, Aplomb Clothing began to take root…Throughout the preliminary years we received numerous expressions of doubt primarily because of our roots in the D.C. market. At the time, everyone seemed to disregard Washington as a unique city with its own creative hub.
We started as, and remain, three different yet cohesive owners with a vision to create clothing that reflects our style and experiences. We don't want to be an indie, urban, or skate company..we want to be us. Throw out boundaries because we are never completely dominated by one trend, one movement, or one style.

In the beginning the three Aplomb pioneers consisted of a hopeless entrepreneur on his 5th job that year, a Georgetown graduate student working corporate finance, and an artist whose job required 4% of his awe-inspiring talent. Back then our main goal was simple, to exceed our peers' expectations, and hell, even our own. We have made sacrifices, talked shop with our loyal customers, linked up with D.C. visionaries who share our perspective and strived to bring Aplomb to you. There is a sweet feeling of accomplishment when you put everything on the line, struggle, and succeed.

Aplomb continues to represent the style and experience of its architects with a passion. Hailing from D.C., we are a brand that everyone can relate to and be a part of. Keep an eye out for our aggressive expansion nationwide, showcasing our vision that spawned from the land of politics. Inspiring apparel, inspired by you…"