Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FALSIDE: "Snare Conditioning" Available Now.

PDP's Falside gets up in your summer-beat-tape-holes (I'm bad at sex) with Snare Conditioning. Due to its nostalgia-demanding sample selection and laid-back nature, this is probably my favorite of his seasonal installments yet. PROLLY. Props to the kid.

Producer Falside links up with ProducersIknow.com to bring you his newest instrumental installment, Snare Conditioning. Best known for providing beats to a slew of hip hop’s veteran luminaries and eager new-comers alike, Falside holds the boom bap tradition tight with this latest beat tape. Please download, listen, share, and enjoy!

Download Snare Conditioning (via Mediafire) here.

Video preview, directed by the always-bananas Nicolas Heller:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

METERMAIDS: Rooftop Shake.

My mens and them Metermaids have been great friends to SD & PDP over the years. Since (now SFR-labelmate) Prolyphic introduced us about 4 years ago, we've rocked together in each of our hometowns, slept on each others floors, and made music together that will reach your ears sooner or later. Most importantly, we've laughed at all the same things, all the right things, and ate some lovely-ass pizza.

And now worlds collide: Metermaids have signed a deal with Strange Famous Records (where I spend my days under the title of 'Label Manager'). You should buy their new record, cuz its dope dope dope. Three times dope.

Metermaids’ SFR debut “Rooftop Shake” drops Sept 6! Pre-Order & FREE MP3 Available Now!

Metermaids’ SFR debut “Rooftop Shake” drops Sept 6! Pre-Order & FREE MP3 Available Now!

METERMAIDS, a Brooklyn-based duo consisting of emcees Sentence and Swell, often refer to themselves as “the Bad News Bears of hip-hop.” However, after teaming up with the X-Ecutioners DJ Rob Swift, receiving production from Grammy Award Winner 9th WONDER, and pulling in vocal contributions from indie-hop legends SAGE FRANCIS & BUCK 65, their “ROOFTOP SHAKE” LP is set to turn that self-deprecation on its head.

2 exclusive pre-order packages are available now from SFRstore!

Package 1: CD / Instrumental CD / Bonus Items Pack
Package 2: CD / Instrumental CD / T-SHIRT / Bonus Items Pack

Also available: the first SFR Metermaids T-Shirt!

Check out the first single “Graveyard Shift” and get your FREE DOWNLOAD!

GRAVEYARD SHIFT – Metermaids by Strange Famous Records

The lack of chest thumping bravado on this record is a breath of fresh air in a music scene that’s been drowning in fantasy rap for over a decade. However, don’t confuse the Metermaids’ too-honest-to-fake-it approach with one of ambivalence. At its core, the “Rooftop Shake” LP is an upbeat homage to a more grimy NYC aesthetic sans the overt braggadocio. The main theme of the album deals with two Brooklyn transplants coming to terms with life in the Big Rotten Apple, which is one of beauty as well as grit.

9th Wonder (Jay Z, Little Brother, Murs) provides the soulful sonic backdrop for half of the album and even pokes his head into the vocal booth to make some incredibly rare appearances on the mic. DJ Rob Swift essentially acts an honorary member of Metermaids, accentuating each track by doing what he does best; handling the cuts and adding the stylistic cherry on top. The songs that aren’t produced by 9th are handled by M. Stine, the main contributor to the Metermaids’ previous EP efforts which garnered them over 100,000 downloads as well as the attention of Sage Francis, ultimately leading to their signing on Strange Famous Records. As head of the label, Francis confidently assures the audience that, “If Bill Buckner rapped, it certainly wouldn’t sound like this. They should stop saying stuff like that.”

01 8MM
02 Graveyard Shift
03 Bad Things feat. Sage Francis
04 Rooftop Shake feat. 9th Wonder
05 Ghost Town
06 Last of the EMTs
07 Kill The Crow feat. Sage Francis & Buck 65
08 Victory Blvd
09 Get Down
10 Gone feat. 9th Wonder