Monday, June 29, 2009


There's plenty of tribute out there for you to peruse, so I'll keep this as short as possible.

My first record was Michael Jackson's Thriller, a reward that was the result of a deal I'd struck with my devout-Catholic parents in grade ahemkoffkoff back in 1983. A quarter of straight A's for one slab of black-person disco. Because of their close-to-fanatical interpretation of the Church's teachings and, therefore, the absolute ban placed on any and all forms of rock n' roll (as all popular music was deemed), I get a late pass on this generation-defining album.

Up until then, I had gotten my Michael fix from sneaks of MTV whenever we could afford to have cable turned on, mostly in the form of the "Beat It" video, which is probably why the track remains one of my top 3 from his catalog to this day. I shoplifted a copy of "The Michael Jackson Story" by Nelson George from a Scholastic book fair at school, and read it cover to cover, over and over. I even dug it out of the archives to do a book report for an English class in 1986, years after the shine of Michael's ubiquity had faded.

Bad helped get me through a particularly bad semester when I was exiled to a local all-boys school, and by Dangerous, Michael had just become a standard, an old favorite that was a pop staple in a music collection that had grown to become almost exclusively stocked with hip hop and heavy metal. I did geek out a bit whenever he rocked with Slash from Guns N' Roses, and bumped the Fugees remix of "2Bad" (off of HIStory) with the John Forte rap verse. I discovered Off The Wall properly for the first time as I began DJing, but MJ had become someone to take for granted, no longer a must-check as the music world became bigger and bigger through college and the beginning of my own small career in da biz. I copped Invincible out of loyalty, for the same reason I still buy records by any number of acts from youth: They were there for me when I needed them, and if my ten bucks can do the same for them in a time when most of them have been abandoned by all my friends who "grew up," then I'm glad to do it.

I've already gone on too long.

I tuned out during most of the scandal, but sadly, it seems the great majority of it was for good reason. Specifics of guilt aside, he was a troubled man who came from troubled beginnings and lived a life whose pressures would have felled many of us much quicker. Some have no place for empathy or sympathy for such a figure; I'm not one of those people. He gave me too much, so even if I can't necessarily give him the benefit of the doubt, I can give him what he gave me: support. Michael Jackson was my gateway to music, and music became what has propped me up in some of the most difficult times of my life. Without question, I owe him one.

I only hope that wherever he is, he can find the one thing he could never seem to while he was here: peace. May he finally rest in it.

Click here to download the "2Bad (Refugee Camp Remix)" featuring John Forte

Vote Early, Vote Often

It's that time of year again... and there seems to be a little more time to vote, so here goes:

Our crew of rascally rap personalities have once again been nominated by the local arts paper-of-record as the most phenomenal rap act in the galaxy.

And we hope you agree with them.

If not, bribery can be arranged. But either way, we need your vote.

It's easy and quick. Here's the drill:


Click here:

Click next to "Poorly Drawn People"

Click "Submit Vote" below the list of nominees

Click "Cast Your Ballot" (next to "You Have Successfully Voted") - unless you prefer to continue voting in other categories*

This will take you to a page where you can review your selections.

Fill in your name and email address (they don't spam you, we promise), and click "Cast Your Ballot"



(unless you have multiple email addresses you can use for voter fraud, that is).

If you plan to vote, please do so as soon as possible. Polls close soon.

And feel free to forward to everyone you know that we don't. They'll grow to love us in the future, we promise. But we'll take their votes now.

We very much appreciate your help with this. We would really like to be able to use the phrase "threepeat" with a straight face.

Storm Davis


*If you're looking for suggestions for other acts to vote for, may we suggest these friends-of-PDP:

Best DJ/Electronica: DJ STERBYROCK
Best Breakthrough Act: SEXCOFFEE
Best Male Vocalist: JOHNNY CARLEVALE
Best Female Vocalist: LEAH CARLSON
Best Singer-Songwriter Act: MARY BEE
Best Album: SIX STAR GENERAL "Spaceship to Planet Cookie"
Best Song: THEO "Say It Right"


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Basement Flava.

Unless you were one of the throngs who paid extra wide cash to peep us at Lupo's on Cinco De Mayo, it's been two months since you were able to see us do our little song-and-dance in Providence. We apologize for neglecting you so long, we figured we could use a dose of anticipation-building 'round these parts.

But wait no longer.

LOCAL 121 - SPEAKEASY (downstairs)
121 Washington St
Providence RI
$5 / 21+ / Doors 10pm

[Storm Davis / Reason / Dox]
hosted by CAS UNO & ESH of Labeless Illtelligence

Plus old school classics to nod ya head to (and such) provided by a rotating crew of deejays, all in the cozy confines of 121's underground Speakeasy area.

SeezMics is the homie from Educated Consumers (you may have seen him rock solo at Dox's Excursions night at Tazza a few months back, or caught them with us and Eyedea & Abilities last year at the late, great Living room). Dezmatic is Seez's homie from Albany NY, and Doomfist are Dez's peoples. You know Cas & Esh from all over the place, most recently from joining the party that is Motion Not Emotion. It's all rather Kevin Bacon-esque. And entertaining as fuck. Come have some fun with us.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tap tap tap.

Tap The Bottle is PDP's monthly celebration of long-ago classics, large bottled beers, and just how obnoxiously excellent we all think we are, held every 30 days at the recently-crowned 'Best Bar in Providence', Local 121. And it's time for the June edition.

Saturday June 13 2009
Dox of PDP & DJ Save 1 present
Local 121
121 Washington St
Providence RI
21+ / 11pm-2am / FREE

I don't even remember what happened at the May installment. But April? Well...

So in the wake of beating everyone in town about the head regarding the release of, and release show for, the new Poorly Drawn People CD Motion Not Emotion, we forgot to promote the April edition of Dox & DJ Save One's Tap The Bottle.

Anyway, we dropped the ball and forgot to tell people. Here's what happened:



We've been living other ways, too. Pause. Up to bunches of other whatnot, hence the sparse nature of our online updates as of late. Such as? Such as:

We hit the road with Maryland's SeezMics of Educated Consumers and Dezmatic from Albany, enjoyed marquee status at the Lucky Dog in Worcester courtesy of our old friends RADIx, rocked for over 1000 of our closest friends in Providence with Mickey Avalon & Schwayze, making a new close friend in the process in Beardo (he's so easy to fall in love with it's just plain silly), got some nice press for Motion Not Emotion. At Tazza Caffe, Dox hosted the release party for the first ever disc out of Falside's Digsafe Records, the Dirty Hank Class Act mixtape; we threw a birthday bash for Gemini slangsters Reason & Storm Davis at the PDP Mansion North that was so successful that everyone has had to patch together a collective mosaic of memory to describe what actually happened that evening.

PDP once again has been nominated as Best Hip Hop Act in Providence by the Providence Pheonix in their yearly Best Music Poll (vote here), along with our brethren Labeless Illtelligence, Jon Hope, Chachi, and Romen Rok, while PDP DJ Sterbyrock looks to bring home the Best DJ prize. Oh yeah, and Reason has been working like a madman on his new album, Deconstructing Passive, while Storm & Dox meander towards the general vicinity of the finish line on the better-be-a-masterpiece Robot Rock & Necktie Blues, known in certain parts of the blogosphere as PDP's own lil Chinese Democracy.

But we'll try to catch you up with some details on all of this soon, and not be such strangers. But really, it doesn't get much stranger, does it? So no promises.